You’re called “archer”, “stalker”, and “tracker”, and you’ve filled all three roles in the past. Such labels don’t do justice to your expertise, however. By taking the stealth of the thief (p. 12) into the great outdoors and mixing it with the mobility and skill at arms of the swashbuckler (p. 11), you’ve become a master of guerrilla warfare. You track elusive prey of all descriptions – and when the trail leads down into the dungeon, you follow it without hesitation.

Advantages: Heroic Archer (20) and Outdoorsman 2 (20). • 20 points chosen from among ST+1 or ST+2 (10 or 20), DX+1 (20), HT+1 or HT+2 (10 or 20), Per+1 to Per+4 (5/level), Basic Speed+1 (20), Basic Move+1 to Basic Move+3 (5/level), Absolute Direction (5), Acute Vision (2/level), Combat Reflexes (15), Danger Sense (15), Fit (5) or Very Fit (15), High Pain Threshold (10), Luck (15), Night Vision 1-9 (1/level), Outdoorsman 3 or 4 (10 or 20), Peripheral Vision (15), Rapid Healing (5), Signature Gear (Varies), Weapon Bond (1), or Weapon Master (Bow) (20).

Disadvantages: -15 points chosen from among Bloodlust (-10*), Callous (-5), Greed (-15*), Honesty (-10*), Overconfidence (-5*), Sense of Duty (Adventuring companions) (-5), or Stubbornness (-5). • Another -35 points chosen from among the previous traits or Code of Honor (Pirate’s or Soldier’s) (-5 or -10), Intolerance (Urbanites) (-5), Loner (-5*), No Sense of Humor (-10), Odious Personal Habit (“Unwashed bushwhacker”) (-5), Paranoia (-10), Phobia (Crowds) (-15*), Social Stigma (Disowned) (-5), Vow (Never sleep indoors) (-10), or Vow (Own no more than what can be carried) (-10).

Primary Skills: Bow (A) DX+4 (16)-18; Camouflage (E) IQ+3 (2)-14†; Fast-Draw (Arrow) (E) DX (1)-14; Observation (A) Per (2)-14; and Tracking (A) Per+2 (2)-16†. • One of these two melee skills packages:

  1. One of Broadsword, Shortsword, or Spear, all (A) DX+2 (8)-16, and Shield (E) DX+2 (4)-16.
  2. One of Broadsword, Shortsword, Spear, or Staff, all (A) DX+3 (12)-17.

Secondary Skills: Climbing and Stealth, both (A) DX-1 (1)-13; Gesture (E) IQ+1 (2)-12; Cartography, Shadowing, and Traps, all (A) IQ+1 (4)-12; Navigation (Land or Sea) (A) IQ+1 (1)-12†; Mimicry (Bird Calls) (H) IQ+1 (2)-12†; Hiking (A) HT (2)-12; and Survival (any) (A) Per+1 (1)-15†.

Background Skills: 8 points in improved primary or secondary skills, or Brawling, Fast-Draw (any other), Garrote, Jumping, Knife, or Knot-Tying, all (E) DX (1)-14; Boating (Unpowered), Riding (Horse), Throwing, or Wrestling, all (A) DX-1 (1)-13; First Aid or Seamanship, both (E) IQ (1)-11; Armoury (Missile Weapons), Prospecting, or Weather Sense, all (A) IQ-1 (1)-10; Swimming (E) HT (1)-12; Running (A) HT-1 (1)-11; Skiing (H) HT-2 (1)-10; or Search (A) Per-1 (1)-13.

  • Multiplied for self-control number; see p. B120.
    † Includes +2 for Outdoorsman.

Customization Notes
The scout has one of the more specialized templates. It’s built around the Bow and Tracking skills, plus supporting abilities. Thus, a scout requires interesting choices of advantages, disadvantages, and skills to stand out. Classic archetypes include:
Bounty Hunter: You capture criminals – dead or alive – supplementing archery with traps and beatings. Danger Sense helps you avoid attempts to turn the tables on you, and high Per doesn’t hurt, either. Especially suitable disadvantages include Callous, Code of Honor (Pirate’s), Greed, Loner, No Sense of Humor, and Paranoia. A one-handed Melee Weapon skill and Shield are handy; not every hunt ends with a bowshot. Use background skill points to raise Stealth and Traps, and to buy Brawling, Knot-Tying, and Wrestling for subduing and restraining your quarry.
Ranger: You’re an honor-bound protector of roads and wild places – part patrolman, part warden. Combat Reflexes is classic (nobody surprises a ranger), and the remaining points might raise Basic Move for covering ground quickly, or buy Absolute Direction. Disadvantages include several of Code of Honor, Honesty, Sense of Duty, and various Vows, plus Loner, Phobia, and/or Social Stigma to explain why you avoid others. Get sword and Shield skills, and spend background skill points to raise Navigation a couple of levels and buy Boating, Riding, Running, Skiing, and Swimming, all so that you can get anywhere at any time.
Sharpshooter: You’re a dedicated bow sniper – basically, an assassin. You’ll almost certainly want Weapon Master (Bow) for the damage bonus. Disadvantages ought to include a heavy dose of “negative” traits like Bloodlust, Callous, Intolerance, and No Sense of Humor. Since you use your bow whenever possible, you’ll probably want only a sword skill for backup (no Shield). Background skill points might raise Bow another level, buy other assassination skills such add Fast-Draw for your blades.



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